Posted by: stardollpj1991 | November 11, 2009

Free tiger eyepet outfit



1. Use a UK manual proxy (safer?) or a proxy server ( or or many others)

2. Go to with the proxy.

3. Log in and you’ll have the Tiger Outfit for your Eyepet!


If any problem contact me through my guestbook


Posted by: mariemars | November 6, 2009

Outfit of the Month

This outfit is not a winter outfit … it could be used for anything.  It is used mainly from Superstar Items but it could be made as you like as well of course.

Here is a screenshot of the outfit and the makeup. I didn’t use jewellery because I think it is perfect as it is.  If you want, you can use anything.





Hope you like it!!!

If you have any different ideas of how to improve the outfit just write a comment about it!!




Posted by: Cutie-pie55555 | November 2, 2009

Vote For AASBTR To Get…

 Hi you auesome readers!  I would LOVE it if everyone would vote for aasbtr as the best stardoll blog. I would LOVE it so much that if you vote I will send you a free gift!!!!!! All you have to do is click here, join the club, and write in a comment in the Nominnate Here post saying that is the best stardoll blog.

To get the FREE PRESENT after or before you vote just write a comment on this post with your stardoll name on it. I will be checking to see if you voted too and each person can only vote once (their rule)

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Posted by: Cutie-pie55555 | November 1, 2009

Hidden non-superstar items!

Hi, herer are the hidden non-ss items,
(free) face cleanser-Sephora

:,10035(not free) lilly and star

(not free) Baby Phat, stone and pyramid necklaces and earrings

I am going to get the Baby Phat earrings and necklace because the rest of the Baby Phat items are superstar.

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Posted by: Cutie-pie55555 | November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Hi readers!

Happy halloween!

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Posted by: mariemars | October 31, 2009

Outfit of the Month

Well, this outfit contains superstar material but it is stylish so you can make it your own. The Outfit consists of the tings:

  • Sparkle Purse from Voile
  • Victoria Top from Stardoll
  • Floral Crop Jacket from Miss Sixty
  • Front Pocket Skirt from Stardoll
  • Gold Strap Cork Heels from Baby Phat.

Some make-up is applied and also hair colour.

Since there is a touch of orange in the Miss Sixty Jacket so I though orange highlights would go with the whole outfit.

Light eyeshadadow is used and for lips I first applied yellow and on it I applied light beige colour.

So, here is the outfit:




I hope you all like it. If you think it could be made better pls leave comments on how.



Posted by: Cutie-pie55555 | October 29, 2009

Free Turkish Day Gift!

Hi, I have to go back to school now so I have to make this quick.
1) Go to the starplazza
2) Click on the new section
3) The Evil eye purse.

HaPpY hAlLoWeEn!!!!

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Posted by: Cutie-pie55555 | October 28, 2009

Free Imagine Dress!

Hi, heres how to get the free pink imagine dress. You have to find the pieces of it through uut stardoll and then click on them to get the dress. Here is where all the pieces are:
1) In the dolls and games page near the bottom of the page.
2) Where you style your medoll at the top left of the page.
3) On your album page under your comments.
4) In the help page under the button that says parents.
5) On the stardbazarer page (dont worry, its still there if you are not a superstar)
6) In your guestbook on the bottom of the page.

If you clicked all of the dress pieces then the dress will be in your suite!
Also, some people have said that they cant find the pieces, I didnt either untill I tried it on

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Posted by: Cutie-pie55555 | October 25, 2009

Free Puppy

 Hi, I gotta make this quick but just click the link to get the free littlest pet shop puppy.

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Posted by: Cutie-pie55555 | October 23, 2009

Blog song!

The song above is the new blog song. Its called Throw Ya Hands Up by a auesome Canadian band called Stereos.

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