Free Superstar

free imvu credits

Above is a website with free stardoll superstar cards!

Above is the blog song.

Creator of,



  1. does the website really work

  2. it takes a lot of time to get a card

    • I know, but its free and not a scam so I posted it

  3. I joined the website what should I do now??

    • Try to earn meta ponts. When have the right amount of metaponts you can get your membership.

  4. it’s cool but i wanna have metapoints and only game tree gives me there a possibility to have mps free

    • Im currently working on it but so far eveything I find is fake.

  5. it always asks for adress for sending ugh but hey ad me on stardoll im tatjanna.k.b

  6. Is the website free??

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