Posted by: Cutie-pie55555 | December 26, 2009

Goodbye Stardoll.

 Hello you auesome readers! I have some news, I am tried of stardoll being so dam gready! All of the little things they take away from grateful non-superstars adds up to big things, and when add up all the other big things and think about all of the gready things they will do in the future is WAY to much for me. So, I am giving up stardoll and theirfore the blog. But don’t worry the blog will still be running without  me. Before I give up stardoll I will

1) Give away my doll in a contest.
2) I will get some new writers for the blog.
3) I will crown one of the current writters the owner of this blog.

So if want to win my doll (Cutie-pie55555) or want to be a aasbtr writer then leave me a comment for this post with your username.

Thank you for being such ausome readers, you rock!! ❤

Creator of,



  1. My username is: slovenka6

  2. i want the doll!

    • whats your username?

      • I Would Love To Be A Writer My User Name Is : Chipmunkey123
        I Would Also Like To Win You Account
        Plz Reply Soon!

  3. BlueVero.

    • can i have the doll?please!!!
      i’m BlueVero

  4. Can i own your doll/ u’ve taken very good care of it that means like, really nice clothes, and everything. my username is ajaniv. i added ur doll, and plzz email me a reply!


  5. ajaniv here. plzz let me have ur doll. u’ve taken gr8 care of it, n i promise dat i would too!

  6. plzzzzzzzzzz can i have i think stardoll is awsome and so is this blog!!! =)

  7. o yea my username is : ashley_rox
    and plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz can i have it =D i dont haev a lot of stuff

  8. i want your doll my user name is blondie446 and i promise i will take good care of it so plz give it to me i would love it thax sooooo mush i really hope u give it to me plz plz plz

  9. hello i love your house and your girl if u could plz give me your account i promise to take good care of it i go on mine every day and i will yours too soooo plzzzzz 😀

  10. I Want Your Doll

  11. I’d like the doll and to be a writer please.

  12. I would like your doll [:

  13. oh yes and my medoll is sadyann1096

  14. are you serious????

    • Yes I am, the blog will still be run though.

  15. rj43k1q


  16. Hi my name is danii and i would love to be a blog writer for this blog!
    I have written for many blogs in the past but most of the time the owner would leave and delete their blog! I would love to have the opportunity to write for this blog and i hope i get selected!
    Thanks for your time!
    Danii (hip_hop_lady13) my stardoll name

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