Posted by: keirapop | December 11, 2009

Christmas time!

Some tree idea’s below!

Hey it’s getting closer to christmas so post all your festive pic’s in the comments! We would love to see some pics, maybe they might be fetured in some way? ;D

If anyone in stardoll royaly would like to help host a christmas party please message me on my stardoll account keirapopz. Help would be very much loved! ❤

CONTEST! Dress up a doll and make them look christmasy! Renember you might want to wrap up warm and use some festive coulors. Winner could get a small doodle of their doll, a banner with whatever they want on it or a makeover (No pass needed) Just renember the doll has to be dressed in clothes you can get in the store. So try not to use calender items as they only work for a day or two. Have fun!

Keirapopz x x x



  1. Go to:
    4 my christmas competition entry!

    • Thats awesome! Have you got any friends you could invite to join in?

    • Hey you won the contest! Whats your user name?

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