Posted by: Cutie-pie55555 | December 26, 2009

Goodbye Stardoll.

 Hello you auesome readers! I have some news, I am tried of stardoll being so dam gready! All of the little things they take away from grateful non-superstars adds up to big things, and when add up all the other big things and think about all of the gready things they will do in the future is WAY to much for me. So, I am giving up stardoll and theirfore the blog. But don’t worry the blog will still be running without  me. Before I give up stardoll I will

1) Give away my doll in a contest.
2) I will get some new writers for the blog.
3) I will crown one of the current writters the owner of this blog.

So if want to win my doll (Cutie-pie55555) or want to be a aasbtr writer then leave me a comment for this post with your username.

Thank you for being such ausome readers, you rock!! ❤

Creator of,

Posted by: keirapop | December 19, 2009

Non-superstar outfit with dress!

Non superstar outfit, the dress is great AND non superstar!

Keirapopz x x x

Posted by: keirapop | December 19, 2009


Sorry about the delay with the christmas comments. It seems we have a comment filtering lock on and at the moment no one is filering! So I can see your comments but can’t reply right now! Also the owner of the club can you have a look at your stadoll mail, I think we should get rid of the comment filterer.

Also still looking for a stadoll royalty membe to help out?

Keirapopz x x x

Posted by: mariemars | December 14, 2009

Cool Outfit

Playing with colours:

Although the outfit is quite plain the makeup is awesome and I hope you like it!!!

When focusing on the eye make-up, a soft colour on the lips should be applied.
Therefore I used a soft pink lipgloss and blusher.

Here is a screenshot of the make-up and the outfit as usual:


Posted by: keirapop | December 11, 2009

Christmas time!

Some tree idea’s below!

Hey it’s getting closer to christmas so post all your festive pic’s in the comments! We would love to see some pics, maybe they might be fetured in some way? ;D

If anyone in stardoll royaly would like to help host a christmas party please message me on my stardoll account keirapopz. Help would be very much loved! ❤

CONTEST! Dress up a doll and make them look christmasy! Renember you might want to wrap up warm and use some festive coulors. Winner could get a small doodle of their doll, a banner with whatever they want on it or a makeover (No pass needed) Just renember the doll has to be dressed in clothes you can get in the store. So try not to use calender items as they only work for a day or two. Have fun!

Keirapopz x x x

Posted by: stardollpj1991 | December 11, 2009

More free items

Free Snow & snowman

go to  and then type in the url bar

log in  and then type in the url bar


Free Blackstar christmas tree & bracelet

use us proxy

log in after some time log out

there is also a blackstar design


Free Girl’s life Diadem

use uk proxy

copy this link in url bar

log in and copy this link


in the normal stardoll there is one competition, but i don’t understand what they say i just change the word finish insted of view in the url bar and i got the free vase.

Posted by: mariemars | December 9, 2009

Basic Outfit : Non-ss Outfit

Here, we have a basic outfit made from a FOLK skirt and a FUDGE top. The shoes are white t-bar heels.

Hair Colour and eye shadows are superstar but you can use fakes!!

Outfit is not for Superstar!

Hope you like the outfit!!!


Posted by: keirapop | November 26, 2009

Miley cyrus 17th birthday makeover!

My first one please tell me what you think! For superstar and non superstar. 😀


EDIT: Other video link broke use this one.

Posted by: keirapop | November 25, 2009

Makeover tuts

I am planning some make over tuts for superstar and non superstar. If you have any suggestions for superstars you want to look like please comment! 😀


Keirapop x x x

Posted by: stardollpj1991 | November 21, 2009

Free Things

To get this green telephone :–>


Members from UK automatically get it

Non UK members can use proxy like or

or use manual proxy.

Enter in URL bar and just log in


Barbie stuffs

For Dutch members! (The Netherlands)

A gift in the cinema (if you don’t have it already)


You can use or any other Dutch proxy for it,

just go to with the proxy and log in!


Pillows and Barbie Hair when joining the BarbieNL club!

Club link:

If you find a proxy server that works, let us know xP

Possible manual proxies suggested: with port 80

or with port 80

or with port 80


For Barbie doll

also go to the stardoll magazine – there is scenery contest




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